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June Report from Cllr Penny Otton

29 June 2016

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ANNUAL COUNCIL; due to the unfortunate death of the father of the leader of the council in a road accident the meeting had to be postponed until 30th of June. So at the moment the cabinet is as was. Any changes I,ll let you know.

At that meeting the council will vote on the DEVOLUTION proposals. I remain unhappy at the plans which I don,t see a devolution and another layer of local government but without any democratic accountability.

THURSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE; I was pleased to attend the exhibition of for the GCSE art and design work.

REVIEW OF HGV ROUTES; following my question to Cllr Finch, he has stated he thinks it would not be a good use of resources to do a complete review but is willing to look at some changes locally and the revised the Lorry watch scheme.

BEYTON SWIMMING POOL; I have asked if Section 106 money could be used towards the refurbishment work. I may be that 106 money accumulated in neighbouring villages could be “clubbed” together? This is being looked into.

COMMUNITY TRANSPORT; there was an info event at Mid Suffolk on 8th June 10.30 and 11.30. I am now clear and am extremely annoyed that the new service will NOT allow the use of bus passes in MID SUFFOLK !! This seems completely illogical. Apparently Suffolk County Council has agreed with the new operator a contract which uses smaller (8 seater) buses. One can opt to take £100 WORTH OF VOUCHERS IF YOU DON, T WANT TO PAY EACH TIME BUT THUS GIVING UP YOUR BUS PASS. I SHALL BE RAISING THIS FURTHER. If you recall I did put an amendment to mid Suffolk budget asking for them to help financially which could have made the difference. towards the cost of community transport which was voted down. (Ipswich borough did to the tune of £15,000). For further info contact 01449 614271 suffolkonboard.com

(This is of course not for the regular service bus )

MID SUFFOLK; Hopefully you will have had dates of the Community engagement events re; planning.

The council will be in a better position re the lack of 5 year land supply once the new joint strategy is complete. The STRATEGIC HOUSING LAND AVAILABILTY ASSESSMENT has now been published on the web site.

MSDC will be also voting on DEVOLUTION on Wednesday.

EU referendum; despite the river flooding over the road the poll clerks at Rattlesden waded out with the ballot boxes and managed to get them to Trinity park despite their very wet trousers!!!