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River Rat Volunteers

NEWS - 2019

This years work has progressed to Lower Road, Spencers Piece now being completed.

Working Parties take place early (8:30 onwards) on Thursday mornings. We usually finish by noon but feel free to leave when you need to.

All rubbish for the first part has now been burnt with the exception of a small heap in Spencers Piece.

The next working party will start at the bends in front of the Moot House.

If you would like to join us, please register your interest at the Email address shown below and we will include you in the Email advising what, where and how.


For several years The River Rat Volunteers have maintained the river environment through the village by cutting back old growth, removing dead trees and digging out silt from the river bed.

The section of the river covered is from the small bridge opposite the cemetery to the whalebones.

Sometimes we do it in reverse - just to set ourselves a challenge! We usually work Thursday morning - depending on the weather.


Keeping the river clear of vegetation and flowing freely is an ongoing task which we carry out every year from October through to March. This leaves the river free for wildlife to flourish during the spring and summer months. Since we started we have had sightings of Water Voles, Mallard Ducks and a Kingfisher.


On the 20th March 2014 we received the Community Achievement Award 2013/2014 from Mid Suffolk District Council.

Community Award

This was for ‘ ... an outstanding contribution to the local community’. This award is normally given to individuals. We were the first group to receive this recognition. 



If you have 2 to 3 hours free time once a week, like to dress up and be useful to the village please contact Chard Wadley by Email at riverratgroup@gmail.com.
Working gloves and high visibility vests are supplied and you get to meet a friendly group who also enjoy dressing up!