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Friends of Rattlesden Church (FORC)


Rattlesden Church is a mediæval building, Grade 1 listed since 1954 dating mainly from the 14th and 15th centuries with some 13th century features.

The building is a village asset which is open for everyone, even if some only attend for christenings, weddings, funerals and the occasional concert.

Regular worshippers have faithfully maintained the building but it is becoming difficult to raise the amounts needed as there is little or no help from the Church or the State.

The Friends of Rattlesden Church (FORC) is non-religious and was set up in 2012 to do two things:

  • Fundraising, to make grants for the restoration, preservation, repair, upkeep and enhancement of the fabric of St Nicholas’ Church, its contents, churchyard and ancillary buildings.

  • Maintain a “Time and Talents” register, to bring together people who are willing to be called upon, when and if available, to help with the practical side of maintenance and similar work.


The FORC committee is  currently finalising plans for an exciting programme of events which will be set out in the next issue of Revelations.  

The first event of this year is pencilled in for April and it will be a Race Night, bringing high quality horse racing to Rattlesden after a gap of several years.

Look for full details in the next issue and/or on a notice board near you.  

Dave Ward,  Events Organiser. 


If you would like to sponsor us, either as an individual or through your business, we can offer you benefits in return. Please contact us through the Email address below.


Our 2017 Spring Quiz raised a sum in excess of £345.

The Folk Concert in May 2017 raised £144.


 Since formation in the autumn of 2012 FORC has provided:- 

2013 - 4 - Labour to help re-hang the 6 bells and other tower work. Under the direction of the Tower Captain (Dave Ward), the saving on labour costs was in the order of £21,000 on a project that cost in the order of £70,000. 

2015 - £5,400 for the refurbishment of the rainwater goods and downpipes. 

2016 - £2,500 for repairs to the Church roof, internal high level cleaning of windows and walls including some  re-plastering.  

2017 - Labour with the support of the River Working Party cleared the Churchyard at the rear of the Church. 

         - £600 a contribution towards repairs to the churchyard wall which runs alongside Church Walk.



The Annual Report and Accounts for the year ending 31st December 2017 are now available and a copy is attached.

Electronic copies in .pdf format is available by Email, free of charge, upon application to the contact point below.

Printed hard copies can also be produced at a cost of £0.50 each to cover materials etc.


Would you like to help?

The Working Group who manage FORC is currently just 4 individuals.

There is a vacancy for a Secretary the main functions include setting up quarterly meetings and AGMs including agendas and minutes as well as tracking agreed activities and support for events. You do not have to be an elderly retired male like the rest of us. 

If this is something you feel you can do, and are prepared to give the time and effort required we would be pleased to hear from you.

If you want to have your name added to the list of volunteers who are willing to assist in running the fundraising events or can help with maintaining the church and its grounds, we would like to hear from you.

Other ways you can help us are by making regular donations, sponsoring events to get your local business recognised and, not least, by coming to our events.

If you want more details, or would like to be added to the ever growing list of those who want to be kept up to date with our activities, please contact us at rattlesdenchurch@btinternet.com

Thank you - The FORC team.

Chairman - Tony Brain

Vice Chairman - Stephen Collins

Treasurer - Stephen Drury

Event Manager - David Ward 

Secretary - Vacant


Telephone 01449 736786 Email: rattlesdenchurch@btinternet.com